Obamacare Creates Two Million Free Agents

Leo McNeil

According to the CBO, Obamacare will be responsible for eliminating 2 million jobs. The CBO also tripled the number of working hours lost due to Obamacare. Republicans are of course saying “I told you so.” Harry Reid seems to think that Obamacare doesn’t cost people jobs, it simply turns them into “free agents.” Unemployment has officially been changed to free agency. The White House response isn’t any better. Losing 2 million jobs isn’t “cause for concern” you see because workers have a “new set of options” and will therefore make the “best choice” given those options. One of those options appears to be unemployment or in Democrat newspeak “free agency.”

For those in the individual health market, Obamacare has already cause a substantial increase in premiums and deductibles. For those who get insurance from their employer, when the employer mandate kicks in two million are going to…

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