Is Your EHR/EMR System Certified?

Representatives from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT recently reported on the progress vendors are making from the 2011 certification requirements to the 2014 certification requirements. The transition is not going well! In fact, of the 991 vendors that have a 2011 certified EHR product, only 56 (6 percent) also have a 2014 certified EHR product. Of those that have a certified product only around 10-15 companies have an ambulatory product.

What this means to you:
If your EHR vendor is not certified yet, they only have a little more than 2 months left. It may be time to either look for a new EHR that is certified or get a guarantee from your vendor that they will meet the 2014 deadline. Remember they need to reimburse you for lost incentive payments and any Medicare penalties if they are not compliant in time.
If you are shopping for a new EHR today, only choose one of the vendors that has a product that is Meaningful Use 2014 certified. Why take a chance on vendors that promise but have not yet been able to deliver?
2014 Meaningful Use is not just about getting an ONC certification; buyers must also evaluate usability. If your vendor is struggling to get certified or waiting to the last minute then they will probably be sacrificing usability. Meaningful Use is hard and you should require that your vendor has enough lead time to simplify the workflows for your practice.
Our service EMRx is certified for 2014 and Meaningful Use Stage 2. Our technology partner is a leader in cloud-based 2014 certified EHR systems and are among the first five pure ambulatory certified for 2014. Need a new EHR? Pick the only one that works in the cloud, is optimized for the iPad and that is 2014 Meaningful Use certified.

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