Advancements In Healthcare Technology.

As we all know the world is forever changing and evolving to make things easier for mankind. By making things in life easier we are able to live longer, by working smarter, and working in an efficient manner in order to achieve our desired results.  Well there is no difference when it comes to Healthcare. 
The practice of medicine has been around for thousands of years and will not go anywhere anytime soon.  Over the years aspects of medicine and Healthcare have changed considerably and with the advancements in technology Healthcare will continue to change.  But the change is not a bad thing.  The change is useful and will save doctor’s time, money, and most of all headaches.  One may ask why do doctor’s have headaches? Well for starters they have a lot of weight on their shoulders as they are responsible for people’s lives. They hold the power to help heal a person. Their time is precious and needs to be used efficiently and effectively in order to see more patients with care and not have to focus on the paperwork that comes with it.  Technology has given doctor’s the opportunity to run their practice from virtually anywhere in the world. Web/Cloud based applications have been created to aid in the process of streamlining a medical practice and combining several operations in to on application with access from any computer in the world.  Technology that is provided by EMR/EHR systems will also give patients/consumers the opportunity to access their own medical records and give their primary physician an up-to-date look at what is going on with them before their appointments which cuts down on the time it takes to do intake sheets. Who doesn’t want to save time. By saving time a doctor is able to treat more patients. Lets face it folks in 2014 under the new Healthcare Reform over 40 million Americans will flood into the Healthcare system. That’s a lot of people! 
The question for doctor’s is how are they going to handle the influx of patients? Well the answer you see is quite simple. Doctor’s will have to adopt some type of system that is able to store large amounts of data and be able to be 100% HIPAA compliant, and possess the capability to communicate with other systems using HL7 encryption.  I know it sounds like a lot, but really it can all be handled in a simple application that will allow for Doctor’s to access their data from anywhere, anytime, from any computer or mobile device. This eliminates many headaches, for starters Doctor’s will not have to rely on paper and they will be able to see their schedule anywhere and know how to plan for the case load on the next day. Trust me with the large influx of patients because everyone will have health insurance this is very important.
Who wants to be left in the past? Go ahead raise your hand and speak up. Hmmm, silence. It’s true the new wave of the future for healthcare is truly in the clouds. By clouds I mean cloud based systems. The cloud allows one to be efficient and effective.  Lets face it people, things are changing and the train isn’t stopping, so get on the bandwagon and don’t let your doors shut because you are afraid of the future and the technology that comes with it, rather embrace it and continue to do what you love, and that is treating patients. Do not let the advancements of technology scare you. Of course you may have skepticism, and that is entirely normal, but you have to look the brighter side, like the glass is half not half empty and see how the advancements in the healthcare industry not only benefits you, but it also benefits the patient and aids in the level of care they are receiving. Technology is an enhancement on the already in place models and tactics you use to successfully run your practice. At the end of the day your practice is a business that has a cash flow, if your cash flow falters then you suffer, with technology and the vast array of ways to access the tools needed if you don’t change then you will definitely fall. We don;t want you to fall we want you to prosper. 
Look guys if you want to find out more on the technology that is out there contact Triple E Medical Solutions LLC. We will provide you the real time solutions for your real time problems and give you the light to your way of being an efficient, effective practice. Our solutions are time proven and exceed all of the standards that our competiors have tried to place before us. We at Triple E Medical Solutions are dedicated to providing you with leading edge technology that will enhance your practice, help you to cash in the government incentives and get you the top dollar for your services rendered to patients. 
We are the Evolving Efficient Experts in Healthcare. 
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