Why Adopt EHR/EMR’s?

Why Adopt EHR/EMR’s?

Well as we all know healthcare takes a collective effort. Sharing information takes the same effort. So when team members are able to communicate with each other effectively, everyone benefits, such people include patients, their families, and the providers. The health of the nation and the economy also prosper form such communication. Electronic health record adoption requires an investment of time and money, but the benefits that are provide from this induction of such a system will definitely outweigh the costs  and will provide providers with financial incentives that are out there. 

Already to date more that 144,000 payments with a total amount of $7.1 billion have been issued to eligible professionals and hospitals by the CMS ( Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) and an estimated $22.5 billion will be paid out between now and the year 2022 to eligible providers who adopt EHR Technology. 

Health IT is not a new area of business but in the recent past it has truly grown and is now in grater demand especially with the new healthcare reform that will provide many people that have never had the opportunity to have health insurance to now have it.  With that being in effect that means there will be more patients . So will more patients comes more paperwork. The adoption of the EHR/EMR system will allow providers to have a centralize location for all of their patients and also give the patients the opportunity to review their own health records and to add new symptoms before their appointments so that the doctor is already aware of their patients current issues. . The promise of fully realized EHRs is having a single record that includes all of a patient’s health information: a record that is up to date, complete, and accurate. This puts providers in a better position to work with their patients to make good decisions.

Many of the providers that are currently using an EHR system report that  the adoption of the system has allowed them to have more accurate and complete information about their patients health. By allow them to have better accurate filing it allows for the provider to give the best possible care during routine and medical emergencies. It give them the ability to quickly provide care. In a crisis EHR’s provide instant access to to information about the patients medical history,allergies, and current medications. This feature and such quick access will allow providers to make quick decisions instead of waiting for information that should take to long and be detrimental to a patients life. EHRs can also flag potentially dangerous drug interactions (to help prescribing doctors explore alternatives before a problem occurs), verify medications and dosages (to ensure that pharmacists dispense the right drug), and reduce the need for potentially risky tests and procedures.

With the adoption of EHR/EMR many healthcare providers have found that it really does help and improve their practice management by increasing their efficiency and cutting costs. According to a national survey of doctors who have already adopted the meaningful use show that:

79% of providers report that with an EHR, their practice functions more efficiently
82% report that sending prescriptions electronically (e-prescribing) saves time
68% of providers see their EHR as an asset with recruiting physicians
75% receive lab results faster
70% report enhances in data confidentiality

So why keep waiting to adopt a system that will cut cost and improve your efficiency? Before long and especially come 2015 medical providers will begin to lose money on their Medicare reimbursements and will no longer be able to qualify for the Meaningful use incentive which means they lose out on at least $39,000 because they did not want to go EHR. Just look at the benefits it offers and what it can do for your practice and your patients. 

For more information contact Triple E Medical Solutions.

(888) 338-7293


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